Sachs Clutch Kit 1998 Audi A4 Base Sedan 2.8L V6 DOHC FWD

Sachs # K70007-01
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Fitment Notes
(fr. ch. #8D-V-180 001)
Installation Note
The dual mass flywheel is installed in basically the same manner as a conventional flywheel. Before installation, insure the mounting flange on the crank- shaft is clean, and free of nicks, burrs, and anything that would prevent improper mounting. Take care to reinstall the flywheel correctly, as they are designed to be mounted only one way. If improperly installed, an imbalance and vibration will result during vehicle operation. Apply a hydraulic thread sealant to the threads of the mounting bolts. This is critical so as to keep crankcase oil from contaminating the clutch and flywheel. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for specific installation guidelines, and torque specifications for correct installation.
Dual mass flywheels are designed to operate under proper conditions. If the vehicle is running poorly, is overloaded or abused the service life of the dual mass flywheel will be considerably shortened. Signs of abuse and overloading are damage to the damper springs and nylon spring seats in the flywheel, overheating and discoloration of the friction surface, and evidence of metal or materials coming out of the flywheel. Any of these signs are not a defect in materials or workmanship and will NOT be eligible for any type of warranty consideration.
Aspiration : Naturally Aspirated
Block-type : V6
Body : Sedan
Cyl-head : DOHC
Cylinders : 6CYL
Doors : 4DR
Drive : FWD
Fuel : GAS
Liter : 2.8L
Make : Audi
Model : A4
Speed : 5 SPD
Submodel : Base
Year : 1998
Compatible Parts Numbers
Flywheel : DMF91119
Master Cylinder : SH5161
Slave Cylinder : SH6142
Inner Diameter : 15/16
Number of Teeth : 23T
Outer Diameter : 9 1/2
Sachs, LuK and Valeo are three of the world's leading manufacturer for OE Clutch replacement as well as suppliers for car manufacturers. Chances are that the clutch kit you are replacing were made from any of above three brands.
Today, the service life of individual clutch components is almost identical. The SACHS clutch kit takes this into account by providing all relevant components that are required for clutch replacement, namely clutch pressure plate, clutch disk, and release bearing.
The kit's scope of supply includes a special grease for assembly. It guarantees perfect functioning after the replacement. With the SACHS clutch kit, clutch replacements can be performed safely, effectively, and swiftly.
Even the highest-quality and most durable clutch is subject to operational wear and tear. This is where the XTend clutch pressure plate made by SACHS comes in: It provides automatic wear compensation. How it works: The XTend clutch pressure plate separates facing wear from the movement of the diaphragm spring. The compensation mechanism constantly registers the reduction in facing thickness and reliably compensates this distance by turning an adjusting ring. This ensures a constant balance of forces and extends the service life because the facings can be subjected to more wear. The XTend design provides an additional advantage: In case of operational wear, the axial installation space required for the clutch system is reduced thanks to the application of XTend.
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